Access: Taryn Simon

Yesterday we talked about the challenges of gaining access to document projects, but remember that nothing is impossible. Check out An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar by photographer Taryn Simon , she gained access to some of the most impossible situations. It took her years but she made it happen in a big way. A few pages from her book –

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3 Responses to Access: Taryn Simon

  1. kelly.huang says:

    The link from TED is great! Very interesting

  2. Wesley says:

    what a great book…. and a good example of gaining access.

  3. riyalerner says:

    Awesome post! Here is a link to a TED-talk that Taryn Simon did in 2009 talking about American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar, and another body of work, The Innocents, where she shot portraits of more than 80 wrongly accused death-row inmates who were exonerated by DNA testing, and investigated photography’s role in that process.

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