Day in the Life: Inspiration

For those who are focusing on family for your Day in the Life assignment – if you’re finding it challenging to create a compelling visual story out of what you might think are mundane everyday affairs, take a look at the work of KayLynn Deveney in her The Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings book and Mitch Epstein in his book about his father’s Family Business.

Photographing small rituals and routines (with heart of course) can be a very poignant and profound chronicling of aging and the small joys that can make up our daily lives. As shown by KayLynn Deveney, here are a few pages from her 78 annotated photographs in her book –

Here are a few from Mitch Epstein’s story –

Here’s something to think about – Not all ideas are strong enough to be a story. All stories are about change.  Your story is about “x” and it’s interesting because “y.” “Y” should be change or contradiction.

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