Exhibition Review: “Pictures by Women” at MoMA by Treston Rudder

Treston Rudder is a senior at the Urban Assembly School for Media Studies and is currently a student and intern at ICP Teen Academy.

“Pictures by Women” is the perfect addition to the legendary collections at the Museum of Modern Art. While it’s not a permanent addition – the exhibition ends next spring – it is a must see. The exhibit is a juxtaposition of work from females who are pioneers in the Photography industry. With artists ranging from Diane Arbus to Cindy Sherman, there is surely diversity in the collection, but also cohesiveness.

Every picture managed to evoke a feeling of nostalgia. When looking at the pictures you feel transplanted to that moment in time. From a family function to friends crying, the photographer shares many personal memories with her audience. The exhibit goes in chronological order, starting out with beautifully romantic portraits from the 1920s and leading up to more modern and political works.

For those of you who love more personal photography or if you just love good pictures this is a must see for you.

P.S. While there you should also check out Bottoms by and featuring Yoko Ono.

For more information, please visit the exhibition website:  http://www.moma.org/visit/calendar/exhibitions/1041

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