Ryan McGinley

I was first introduced to Ryan McGinley’s work on the album cover of Sigur Rós’s “Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust,” where I really liked his portrayal of carefree youth figures (the first image in the gallery below is the full image used on the album). As I delved into his work, I saw a beauty and aesthetic rawness among the hedonism in his pictures; these people are young and wild and naked, but the photographs are artfully and emotionally executed. His first book, “The Kids are Alright,” exemplifies the idea he sends with the simplicity of his images; a quote from New York Magazine:
“People fall in love with McGinleyʼs work because it tells a story about liberation and hedonism: Where [Nan] Goldin and Larry Clark were saying something painful and anxiety producing about Kids and what happens when they take drugs and have sex in an ungoverned urban underworld, McGinley started out announcing that “The Kids Are Alright,” fantastic, really, and suggested that a gleeful, unfettered subculture was just around the corner—’still’—if only you knew where to look.”
I selected a few of my favorite images, but this is his website if you’d like to see more:
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