The Young Satellites

“The Young Satellites : Six Million tales in the Teenage City “- was  a photographic exhibition featured in London’s  Atom Rooms gallery on December 8 2010.The exhibition curated by photographer Brett Walker, showcased digital images created by people ages 16-19.

The Young Satellites are a collective team of three young talented photographers : Jack Davison, Lydia Roberts, and Conor Williams. All three photographers grew up in different areas and came from different artistic backgrounds, (taking up photography for the first time around 2006-2008.)   Each artist has a unique and distinctive vision that is expressed within their own style of  imagery. Lydia Roberts, the youngest of the satellites produces photographs that express her experimental nature and visions. Conor Willams, uses his own imaginary stories or characters as a method of inspiration and recreates them threw photographs. Jack Davison, captures images of the environments around him, usually portraits of  his family in the Essex countryside or people on the streets of London.

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  1. Wesley says:

    These are incredible. Good post!

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